Guns and Kids: We should talk about this

I recently read a shared Facebook post from a father who expressed his pride in his five year-old son, who recognized that friends were playing with a “real gun” found in a bedroom and informed his father. He went on to boast that it was because he had taught his son to use guns at an early age that the child acted so responsibly. The post had massive numbers of supportive comments and shares, along with many derogatory comments towards “those anti-gunners.” I saw no commentary about the gun owner’s poor judgement in leaving a firearm in a room where preschoolers and toddlers are Read more [...]

Nights- the best part of our job (April fools)

As I finish up my overnight and write this post I will quote my colleague nights are the worst and the best part of being a PEM doc (Mark X Cicero). While over 15 million americans work overnights we are some of the few with the wonderful "rotating schedule" of nights to days and back to nights. THE WORST- after a night some of us become the walking dead... and a real life zombie after two in a row! For those of us in academics we have to suffer through meetings and doze off during conversations.     As I approach my 40th birthday tomorrow nights are becoming slightly more painful Read more [...]
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Answer: “Pains in the neck”

This post is in response to the post “Pains in the neck.” To summarize, this was a 4-year-old boy who was brought into the ED for right neck swelling that is erythematous and painful. An ultrasound was performed and the following images were obtained: Thank you to everyone who took the quiz! For question #1, 57% of you guessed correctly that this was an image of lymphadenitis, rather than parotitis (17%), Lemierre’s disease (17%) or a peritonsillar abscess (10%). For question #2, 30% of you guessed correctly that increased peripheral vascularity is associated with Read more [...]

MD Cents: What is Your Time Worth?

Time is Money—Benjamin Franklin I have often heard people quote Benjamin Franklin when talking about time.This is often in the context of a work life balance lecture at a national conference or hospital CME program. At first this quote seems to push one to maximize the time at work, but on my second glance made me see it in an entirely different light. I began to think of the time our job can cut into the time we have to spend on different pursuits. Obviously, we need a job to fund those pursuits and our job is one that is immensely rewarding, but nonetheless it still has a time cost in terms Read more [...]
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Pains in the neck

A 4-year-old boy is brought into the ED by his parents because they noticed a swelling in his right neck this morning. He was complaining of a sore throat and some neck pain for the past couple of days and the parents didn’t think anything of it until this morning when they noticed the swelling. He has not had any fevers, difficulty swallowing, drooling, hoarseness or difficulty breathing. He has not received all of his vaccinations due to a viral illness during his last visit to the Pediatrician’s but the parents say he is an otherwise healthy child. On exam, you note an area of erythema Read more [...]

March Madness- 2016–Yale beats Butler and 2022 PEM attending matches in peds)

  March is an exciting time across the Yale campus! For the first time in history Yale has one a game in the NCAA.  In addition to basketball tournaments March has the residency match and is decision time for our medical school applicants (+ St. Patricks Day and the start of baseball season). The pressure we put on our medical school and residency applicants matches that of March Madness.  I recall the stress and thrills of match season over a decade ago and medical school selection four years before that.  I felt like I was the Cinderella team (as did many of my peers).  We Read more [...]
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MD Cents: How Much Should I Spend on a Car?

How much should I spend on a car is a question I recently have asked myself. Kudos to you if you live in a city where owning a car isn't necessary or desirable. As my family populates the suburbs of a midwestern city, a car is a necessity. I know what kind of car I would like (a sports car), what kind of car my family needs (something safe with room for 2 growing boys), and what I would like to spend (nothing). As you can see these priorities don't line up as I am not aware of a sports car that can haul a family of four and not cost anything. I come from a "car" family where we really like cars Read more [...]

Our Rights and Obligations

In 2012, after only a few months of my taking my new position, Hurricane Sandy was heading to the Northeast. My passion for disaster relief kicked in.  After all, I have seen many wars during my childhood which led in part to my decision to become a pediatric emergency doctor.  I have always desired to help those who are in need and to rescue the disadvantaged. I found in Hurricane Sandy an opportunity to satisfy my goals of helping families suffering from displacement and hunger. Despite my working an 18-hour shift so that colleagues would not have to travel during the hurricane, Read more [...]