Swollen, Painful Privates


A 13 year old male with no PMH presented with right lower abdominal/inguinal/testicular pain that started that morning. He reported nausea and had 2 episodes of NBNB emesis.

You obtain the following images and clips below:


Left Testicle:

Right Testicle:



Testicular Torsion.

Immediately after POCUS, urology was called as the patient was on his way to his ultrasound by radiology. Urology evaluated the patient in radiology, where the radiology study confirmed torsion, and he was taken directly to the OR from radiology. He underwent successful detorsion and orchiopexy and was discharged home.

The most common causes of testicular pain in children include: testicular torsion, torsion of the appendix testis  and epididymitis. Although torsion can be a clinical diagnosis, ultrasound is the diagnostic imaging study of choice for confirmation. It has a sensitivity of 69-100% and specificity of 77-100%. Although POCUS can aid in the diagnosis a confirmatory study should always be performed and POCUS should not delay confirmation.

How to perform POCUS testicular US

Place the patient supine

Expose and elevate the scrotum using a folded towel between the patients thighs.

Use the high frequency linear probe and scan the scrotum in 2 planes (transverse and long).

Use color and power doppler to evaluate for flow.

Compare the testicles.




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Laurie Malia

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PEM doc; POCUS; Pediatrics; Healthcare equality